Assisted Hatching

You can choose assisted during your IVF treatment. This laboratory intervention uses most often beams of diode laser to create an aperture in the outer shell of the embryo (most often a blastocyst) therefore facilitate its hatching process into the uterus following its transfer. This is believed to improve the implantation potential of the embryo. During the natural process, hatching occurs as the result of the expansion and contraction of the late blastocyst embryo at the time of implantation.

If hatching fails to occur, embryo implantation is seriously compromised. There is evidence to support that deranged embryo hatching adversely affects conception. Assisted hatching is recommended to individual IVF recipients who fall into 1 or more of the following categories.
*You are aged over 37
*You are having a frozen embryo transfer
*You have had a previous failed IVF or ICSI treatment cycl