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The Natural Cycle IVF Treatment


While it is more ideal for candidates who respond poorly to controlled ovarian stimulation regimens for IVF it can be contemplated for candidates who wish not to administer hormonal drugs either for personal or medical reasons. Natural cycle as a treatment modality is not suitable for pre-menopausal individuals presenting anovulatory infertility.

Patients who require very high hormonal dosages for ovarian response and which may lead to the harvest of one or two eggs only, natural cycle IVF can be an attractive alternative since it does not incorporate any injection medication. Moreover, it is Genesis standpoint that the quality of the egg which matures during the natural process is superior than any of the counterparts retrieved from stimulated cycles. A disadvantage of this approach to treatment is that it entails several consecutive ultra sound monitoring scans and Estradiol blood tests while realistically the possibility exists that the single follicle will ovulate in advance to collection or it may be immature at retrieval.

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