45, Thessalonikis Street - Kyriakos Court 4th Floor - Limassol 3025 - Cyprus
The first Clinic in Cyprus, Greece, the Eastern and Central European Countries to be granted European Union Tissue Directive Clearance

Genesis IVF Clinic

The staff at Genesis IVF clinic has undertaken more IVF associated fertility treatments than most centers worldwide. With more than 23 years of experience, personnel at Genesis claims more than 6000 life births using conventional IVF to complex preimplantation genetic diagnostic treatments. Genesis has the background knowledge and expertise to offer patients any of the currently available fertility treatments to date. Please contact the clinic to address your inquiry.

Why Genesis

Why Genesis

Genesis is a dedicated fertility institution and the first establishment to have acquired European...

Treatments at Genesis

IVF Treatments

The type of treatment which a couple will pursue would have already been discussed and analysed in...

Sucess story of Genesis

Our Sucess

Success rates at Genesis are constantly higher than most fertility clinics worldwide...

The founder and scientific director of Genesis Savvas Koundouros is an accredited clinical embryologist with almost 20 years of working experience in the field of assisted human reproduction. He is a British graduate (University of Birmingham) and has specialised in clinical science at King’s College Hospital in London. Savvas Koundouros has completed a PhD research related work on polycystic ovarian syndrome manifestation and is currently pursuing a second research thesis on Human Embryonic Stem Cells with the institute of Medical Research at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. Savvas has substantial experience in the field of human embryo pre-implantation genetic diagnosis having performed most possibly more embryo biopsies and subsequent diagnoses worldwide. It is estimated that more than 25000 embryos have been biopsied and diagnosed to date. Savvas has personally trained numerous embryologists who are now pursuing a career in this field.